Hi there, I just wanted to provide some feedback for you that the MathsBuddy system is really helping my daughter. She has historically struggled with maths and 50% was a good result.

Last week in her Algebra exam she achieved a 75% pass which was fantastic for her and her self-esteem.

Denis Marriner (parent)

Hi MathsBuddy

We are loving the program for our 11 year old son who has always struggled with maths and would rather just guess than have to ask how to do something.

The video tutorials are fantastic and we find them very useful as parents to be able to help Jake out.

The feedback is really outstanding too and so overall we know we are on to a winner here.

Thanks for your wonderful program!!



We thought you'd like to know that our daughter was told about your website at school, just days before her Year 11 NCEA exam.

We purchased a subscription and she spent every spare moment going through the lessons. We won't receive the results for a while but we'd like to thank you for an excellent product which we are sure has gone a long way to hopefully helping her pass her exam.

It certainly helped her understand aspects of maths she would otherwise have been completely stumped by.

In fact, she did say to us that she wished she'd known about the website at the beginning of the year as she might have understood maths right through Year 11.

We're spreading the word about MathsBuddy!

Thank you again.

Tracy & Darren Farr

MathsBuddy has added a new dimension to the support that our Learning Support Dept can provide in Mathematics.

Have used MathsBuddy to introduce a new topic ( the visuals are ideal for slow learners and students with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia)

Use it regularly for homework knowing that if a student has difficulty they can return to the tutorial.

Use it for those students that require an individual programme eg. A few students who are operating at levels below the secondary school curriculum. Very helpful for teachers-aides who may not be that confident in Maths.

Use it for catch up for students who have been absent.

Use it for students who are new to the school and find that they are behind the rest of the class.

Extremely popular with international students with poor English. They find the explanations and visuals very clear. They often get hooked on MathsBuddy and put themselves through all the lessons at their year level and beyond.

A great tool for parents who want to help but find that their own Maths is rusty or weak.

So overall it has been a great addition to what we can offer in terms of Maths support at very many levels.

Thank you.

Deborah McCutcheon
Learning Support Auc

My class is really loving the opportunity to work at their own pace on individual activities. The level of motivation is very high and students look forward to their time on MathsBuddy during maths lessons.

It also gives me the opportunity to move around the room and conference with students while others remain on task all the time.

The certificates are a great idea and once the first student achieved a certificate and the class saw the fuss I made about it, it sparked mass enthusiasm to get on with work so that certificates could be achieved.

Brian Donjeany (teacher)
Orewa College

Dear MathsBuddy,

We are just over a week into our programme, and loving it! All of us.

The older 2 are charging ahead. I am using this as a 'in your own time' support to the maths programme I have running.

They love the ability to control the video presentation at the beginning, and I have noticed that my oldest is now slowly dragging the mouse to move the presentation in slow motion, although this still presents the information clearly, and then when she is ready she moves on.

Deirdre Cooper (parent)

I have found this an invaluable tool for my low ability class as it provided each student with their ?own? teacher who went a pace that the student controlled.

Presentations could be replayed if the student did not understand a topic after listening once.

The students enjoyed having immediate feedback on their progress.

Teacher - Auckland Grammar School

Thanks MathsBuddy!

By way of feedback and appreciation:

1. These achievement awards are really motivating those of the family participants to access, work on and put in good effort.

2. In a family siblings scenario there is the addition of - friendly competition to see who can achieve the best and most awards.

Lloyd Keung (teacher)

I have had very positive feedback from the parents whose children having been regularly using the programme at home.

They are doing maths for 1 hour or more and tell their sibling to get off the computer because it's their turn to do their maths!

Rose (teacher)

This is an amazing tool. My son has exceeded "capabilities"

Jackson Green