What is MathsBuddy?

MathsBuddy is New Zealand's leading computer-based training program, designed to complement what you teach your kids in class. It helps guide your students lesson by lesson, allowing them to pause, rewind and repeat all or part of any lesson until they fully understand it.

The program has tremendous potential as a support to your in-class instruction by providing the following;

  • Video/Audio lesson demonstrations of an enormous amount of concepts, with several examples of each.
  • Every lesson is accompanied by a bank of questions for students to practice their newly learned skill.
  • Students submit their answers online, and the work is immediately marked and their score given, as well as their result being recorded for both theirs and the teachers access.
  • Worked solutions are provided with every worksheet.
  • A wealth of information at your finger tips: detailed reports showing the student's grade for every lesson; summary reports showing the student's progress by topic.
  • You can set lessons for as far ahead as you wish; so in the event of prolonged teacher absence, you no longer have to come back to a class now significantly behind the teaching program.

It Makes Perfect Sense. What's the Cost?

MathsBuddy's school price is at most $26 per student for one full year - only $6.50 per term. This gives unrestricted access to students and teachers across the whole program, both in school and at home.

This special school price is a 91% discount on the regular full purchase price parents pay for their children's membership directly through the website. The special school discounted rate becomes available when full class groups are registered.

One of the major benefits of MathsBuddy is the ability for you as the teacher to be able to set tasks and homework and have them automatically marked and recorded. This works best when you can involve the whole class.

Your Next Steps

Click on today to register for your free 10-week trial of MathsBuddy.

We'll send you out details so you can get started right away. Your class will love you for it, and it will save you a truckload of your valuable time with setting and marking homework in the year ahead.

For a detailed guide on how to get the most out of the MathsBuddy program, see the Teachers' User Guide.