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This guide to the MathsBuddy Teacher Administration Centre outlines the tools available to teachers to help them get the most out of the MathsBuddy program.

Isn't MathsBuddy just another new system I have to learn?

So many of the new systems or processes introduced into schools, though they provide some new benefit or service, add yet another layer of administration the teacher must perform.

At MathsBuddy, our goal is to actually reduce your workload.

As teachers ourselves, we aim to provide you with simple, intuitive software that removes some of the more laborious and repetitive tasks teachers must perform.

How will MathsBuddy reduce my workload?

Use MathsBuddy to set and mark homework.

It takes about one minute to set a homework task for a class. The MathsBuddy system will then inform the students, direct them to the homework, mark the homework, and at the end produce a report for the teacher.

Use MathsBuddy's reporting tools.

MathsBuddy collects data on every lesson and task the student completes, and generates valuable information the teacher can use in a variety of ways:

  • The student progress reports are perfect as feedback for parent-teacher meetings.
  • The class reports rank students within the class.
  • The detailed student reports, which lists results for individual lessons, makes it easy to identify students' weaknesses and gaps in knowledge.

Create your own curriculum.

Do you have a class or student that requires an individualised curriculum? Using MathsBuddy's Curriculum Designer it takes just a few minutes to create a curriculum packed with resources and activities, saving hours of up-front programming and even more time in ongoing monitoring and administrative work.

Question bank wizard.

The Question Bank Wizard allows you to create assessments and worksheets specifically targeted to the ability of your students

  • Easily control and adjust the duration and difficulty of the question set.
  • Set as a task and all work is automatically marked and recorded for you.
  • Records every student's individual response which can be recalled at a later date.

Which all means.......

  • A differentiated classroom catering for all ability levels.
  • Increased student engagement.
  • Quality student feedback.

General activity sets, topic tests, revision sets can be typically created in 2 to 3 minutes. These can be assigned as an interactive set of questions or as a worksheet - the choice is yours.